Apollo Hardware Wire Grate Pan,Cooling Rack (18″x9.9″)

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Apollo Hardware Wire Grate Pan is perfect for any outdoor or indoor use.

The Cooling Rack is dishwasher- and oven-friendly—pop it from one right into the other with ease. Used by many inside a sheet pan to allow excess juices to drip or allow the bottom of food to crisp up.

  • Incredibly durable, safe for oven and dish wash.
  • Chrome finish Size:(18″x9.9″)
  • No more cookies sliding through the gaps! Our perfectly spaced grid pattern optimists airflow and prevents your treats from falling through.
  • Heavy duty strong wire
  • Safe for oven use for roasting, baking, grilling, smoking, drying, BBQ
  • Model #: A-WCR0010C


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